November 29, 2023

Synopsis: The kung fu & fantasy action movie “The Mask of Shura of Fire Cloud 火雲邪神之修羅面具” is about the story of the Fire Cloud Demon, who is the protector of the city. These people have both the body of ordinary people and the power of gods, and they act “between humans and gods”. They have their own rules: innocent people must not be slaughtered. In addition to the Fire Cloud Demon, which represents “justice”, there is another Black Feather Gang that represents “evil” in this world. Eighteen years ago, the Black Feather Gang infiltrated the territory of the old Fire Cloud Demon, Xicheng Yong, stole the Shura Mask, and used the Shura Mask to release the Evil Lord. At that time, the Evil Lord was just a baby. The old Fire Cloud Demon adopted the baby so that the Evil Lord would not do evil in the future, and taught him to be a good man, becoming his successor. The little Evil Lord finally controlled the power of the mask and became the successor of the old Fire Cloud Demon, continuing to guard the city.

故事简介: 功夫玄幻动作电影《火云邪神之修罗面具 The Mask of Shura of Fire Cloud》讲述的是:火云邪神,是这个城市的保护神。他们既有平凡人的躯体也有神的法力,游走在“人和神之间”,他们有自己的规矩:绝不可以屠戮无辜百姓。除了代表“正义”的火云邪神,这个世界还有另一股代表“邪恶”的黑羽会。十八年前,黑羽会潜入了老邪神西城勇的地盘,盗走了修罗面具,利用修罗面具放出魔神,当时魔神只是个婴儿,老邪神为了魔神日后不作恶收养了婴儿,教他好好做人,成为小邪神。小邪神最后控制了面具的力量成为老邪神的接班人,继续守护城市。

出品 Studio: 淘梦影业 Tmeng Pictures.
制片人 Produced by: 常斌 Chang Bin, 吴静 Wu Jing, 任莎 Ren Sha, 姚玲 Yao Ling, 王林 Wang Lin.
导演 Directed by: 钟智行 Frankie Chung.
编剧 Screenplay by: 张炭 Charcoal Tan, 李哲睿 Li Zherui.
主演 Starring: 梁小龙 Bruce Leung Siu Lung, 元华 Yuen Wah, 元秋 Yuen Qiu, 李俊麟 Li Junlin, 杨博潇 Yang Boxiao, 潘跃 Pan Yue, 何佳琪 He Jiaqi.
题材 Genres: #kungfu #动作 #Action #玄幻 #功夫 #fantasy #动作片 #actionmovies #fantasymovie #动作电影 #actionfilm

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