December 10, 2023

Synopsis: The adventure action movie “Dragon Hunting Mystery 尋龍詭事” tells a story during the period of the Republic of China, when great powers invaded and warlords scuffled. A man, Mu Fengchen, who claimed to be a descendant of Chi You, won a precious scripture that recorded the ancient battle for the throne——the Shennong Treasure Box. At the same time, the pavilion owner who guarded the Shennong Treasure Box passed away, and when he was dying, he entrusted his two disciples, Qian Xun and Mo Xuan, to retrieve the Shennong Treasure Box and prevent it from falling into the hands of Mu Fengchen. But unexpectedly, the Shennong Treasure Box that everyone was looking for was obtained by Jiang Chengzi, a patriotic military officer who confiscated foreign cultural relics. With malicious intent and covetous eyes, Jiang Chengzi, who has national integrity and lofty aspirations, is going to sell the Treasure Box and use the money in exchange to build a modern arsenal for the Chinese. But at this time, Mu Fengchen led his men to snatch the Shennong Treasure Box. In the process of fighting for the box, Jiang Chengzi was rescued by Qian Xun and Mo Xuan, and the three became friends. In order to retrieve the Shennong Treasure Box, they fought together and embarked on the journey of chasing the murderer and seizing the treasure.

故事简介: 探险动作电影《寻龙诡事 Dragon Hunt》讲述民国时期,列强入侵,军阀混战,一名自称蚩尤后人的男子木风尘夺得一本记载着有关远古逐鹿之战的宝物——神农宝盒的经书。于此同时,守护神龙宝盒的阁主离世,弥留之际嘱托两名弟子千浔和莫玄千万要找回神农宝盒,不能让它落入木风尘手中。但没想到,大家苦苦寻找的神农宝盒被清缴外国文物的爱国军官姜城子所得,姜城子阴差阳错得到宝盒,知其宝贵却不知其来历与用途,面对列强对中国的不怀好意和虎视眈眈,胸怀民族气节和远大抱负的姜城子准备将宝盒变卖,用换来的钱兴建中国人自己的现代兵工厂。而此时,木风尘却带领手下前来抢走神农宝盒,在争夺宝盒的过程中,姜城子被千浔和莫玄所救,三人成为好友,为了找回神农宝盒,三人结伴同行,共同踏上了追凶夺宝的征程。

出品 Studio: 武汉纳莱影视 Nalai Pictures
制片人 Produced by: 王瑞 Wang Rui,李世林 Li Shilin.
导演 Directed by: 蓝志伟 Francis Lam.
编剧 Screenplay by: 陈然 Chen Ran, 李哲睿 Li Zherui.
主演 Starring: 李晨浩 Li Chenhao, 张子璇 Zhang Zixuan, 崔永炫 Cui Yongxuan, 高雄 Eddy Ko, 侯晓 Hou Xiao.
题材 Genres: #动作 #Action #探险 #adventure #动作片 #actionmovies #动作电影 #actionfilm

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