November 29, 2023

Synopsis: The fantasy action movie “Martial Universe 1 武動乾坤之涅槃神石 The Immortal Stone of Nirvana” is about a story of a young hero Lin Dong, who fought for the freedom of his clan and against the oppession of Lei’s family in Qingyang Town. Lin Dong obtained the Immemorial Stone by chance and became a martial arts master overnight. While he was fighting with the competitors at the Kungfu Gladiator Contest, he was also secretly targeted by various forces due to the Immemorial Stone. So here comes the wonderful story…

故事简介: 玄幻动作电影《Martial Universe 武动乾坤: 涅槃神石 The Immortal Stone of Nirvana》讲述了少年英雄林动不满恶霸雷氏父子欺辱,于是为了宗族自由勇闯青阳镇狩猎大会。林动在机缘巧合下获得神秘的祖符,于是一夜之间成为武林高手,他在狩猎大会上大杀四方的同时,也因祖符秘密的泄漏而被各方势力暗中盯上,一场权谋同自由的较量火热对撞……

出品 Studio: 平治影视 Ping Zhi Film, 天翼文化 E-Surfing Culture.
制片人 Produced by: 颢东 Hao Dong, 常斌 Chang Bin, 姚玲 Yao Ling, 王晓娟 Wang Xiaojuan, 杨翱 Yang Ao, 朱天娇 Zhu Tianjiao.
导演 Directed by: 霍穗强 Huo Suiqiang.
编剧 Screenplay by: #天蚕土豆 Tiancan Tudou, 岳子坤 Yue Zikun.
主演 Starring: 王珞嘉 Wang Luojia, 张亚奇 Zhang Yaqi, 李觅尔 Li Mier, 黎真安 Ni Zhenan, 程涛 Cheng Tao, 张集骏 Zhang Jijun, 昆仑 Kun Lun, 周卓 Zhou Lun, 付赫安琪 Fuhe Anqi.
题材 Genres: #动作 #Action #玄幻 #Fantasy #武动乾坤 #martialuniverse

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[Full Movie] 武动乾坤 Immortal Stone of Nirvana 涅槃神石 | 玄幻动作片 Action film HD*

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