December 4, 2023

Synopsis: The comedy drama movie “The Goddess College 女神學院” is known as the female version of “The Truman Show”. The film tells that Yu Li is a golden producer in TV programs. He created an unprecedented real reality show “The Goddess College” to live broadcast the whole process of the heroine becoming a goddess from a loser, in which all people from the dean and professors to the students are acted by professional actors, except the heroine. In order to make his daughter Yu Moon famous, Yu Li sent her to the Goddess College. After she entered the college, Moon was exposed before the audiences across the country day and night. She became more and more famous but knew nothing about it. In order to keep the show popular, Yu Li even arranged a romantic love for Moon. At last, Moon gradually discovered some clues, and an activity to reveal the truth begins…

故事简介: 喜剧剧情电影《女神学院 The Goddess College》被誉为女版《楚门的世界》,影片讲述余力是纵横卫视的金牌制作人,他创办了电视节目史上第一个真正的真人秀节目“女神学院”。为了让女儿成名,余力将女儿月亮送进女神学院,从进入学院的那一刻,月亮一夜成名,进入了全国观众的视线。然而女神学院里所有的人物都是节目组请来的演员,对此月亮全然不知。在节目播出一段时间后,由于遇到同行业其它节目的打压,余力为了让节目持续火爆,他绞尽脑汁,甚至主动为月亮安排了一段浪漫的爱情故事。然而纸里包不住火,精明的月亮逐渐发现了一些端倪,由此一场揭露真相的活动就此展开……

出品 Studio: 大宋如歌影业 Dasong Ruge Films, 上海克龙影业 Kelong Films
制片人 Produced by: 李春海 Li Chunhai, 邱婉婷 Qiu Wanting, 朱惠民 Zhu Huimin, 李强书 Li Qiangshu.
导演 Directed by: 李克龙 Li Kelong.
编剧 Screenplay by: 李克龙 Li Kelong.
主演 Starring: 姚橹 Yao Lu, 廖蔚蔚 Liao Weiwei, 葛天 Ge Tian, 书亚信 Shu Yaxin.
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