December 7, 2023

Synopsis: The suspense horror film “Recalele 記憶迷宮 Memory Maza” tells a story of Fang Hao (acted by Lu Xin) and his girlfriend Jiang Xia (acted by Sun Shenghao) who got into a car accident on their way to travel to celebrate their engagement. When he woke up, he found himself in a mental hospital. The car accident disrupted Fang Hao’s life and confused his memory. Soon, the psychiatrist Wu Zhe (played by Cui Yongxuan) got involved in the whole bizarre incident. In Fang Hao’s hypnotic world, the lake of memory finally presented a truth that made him fall into despair.

故事简介: 悬疑恐怖电影《Memory Maza 记忆迷宫 Recalele》讲述为了庆祝订婚,男主人公方浩(芦鑫饰)与女友姜夏(孙晟昊饰)在去旅行的路上突发车祸。而醒来的他,发现自己竟身处精神病院内。车祸的发生,打乱了方浩的生活,让他的记忆变得混乱。不久,心理医生吴哲(崔永炫饰)介入整场离奇诡异的事件之中。方浩的催眠世界里,记忆之湖最终呈现一个让人深陷绝望的真相之中。

出品 Studio: 杭州书琴文化 Shuqin Culture.
制片人 Produced by: 雷晨钰 Lei Chenyu, 柏舒漫 Bai Shuman.
导演 Directed by: 马丁 Ma Ding, 李冠群 Li Guanqun.
编剧 Screenplay by: 张聿 Zhang Yu, 马丁 Ma Ding, 谷欣 Gu Xin.
主演 Starring: 芦鑫 Lu Xin, 孙晟昊 Sun Shenghao, 陈颢文 Chen Haowen, 崔永炫 Cui Yongxuan, 祝昕愿 Zhu Xinyuan.
题材 Genres: #催眠術 #悬疑 #Suspense #恐怖 #Horror #hypnosis

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