December 10, 2023

Synopsis: The Kung Fu action movie “The Southern Fist Kid 南拳小子” tells the story of two brothers, Awei and Xiaodong, who lived by the sea since they were young, and were taught Southern Fist Kungfu by their grandfather. Then the two brothers went to school in the city and heard the story about the “Righteous Warrior”. With the help of their grandfathers, several Southern Fist Kids work together to catch the robbers with the police.

故事简介: 功夫动作电影《南拳小子 The Southern Fist Kid》讲述阿伟、小东两兄弟自小生活在海边,由爷爷教授南拳功夫,后来两兄弟到市区上学,听说了关于“义侠”的故事,几位南拳少年齐心协力在爷爷的帮助下,和警方联手智斗劫匪的故事。

出品 Studio: 浙江尚云影视 Shangyun Films, 浙江星派文化 Xingpai Media.
制片人 Produced by: 张咏皓 Zhang Yonghao, 何洋 He Yang.
导演 Directed by: 李振飞 Li Zhengfei.
编剧 Screenplay by: 汪乐华 Wang Lehua.
主演 Starring: 王子豪 Wang Zihao, 张凯一 Zhang Kaiyi, 宋佳馨 Song Jiaxin, 张春仲 Zhang Chunzhong.
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