December 7, 2023

Synopsis: The comedy wuxia action movie “The Battle Between Chefs 廚霸江湖” is about a legendary story in the ancient Chinese cuisine world. A group of chefs became famous in the kitchen circle because they integrated Kung Fu into their cooking skills to make delicious food, the world called it – Kung Fu Chefs. In the next hundred years, various martial arts sects fought continuously for the title of “The Chef God”. In order to defend his homeland, Kung Fu boy Xiaojili made a bet with Weiji, the first disciple of “The Chef God” Liu Fanen, to compete in the National Cuisine Competition held in the capital. A battle between dark cuisine representing grassroots cuisine and haute cuisine delicacies from mountains and seas also kicked off.

故事简介: 古装武侠喜剧动作电影《厨霸江湖 The Battle Between Chefs》一个在古代的中华料理界的传说故事,有一派厨师因将武功融入厨艺当中做出绝味美食在厨坛名声大噪,世人称之为—武厨。而后百年间,各武厨门派为争夺“天下第一厨”之称而斗争不断。为了保卫家园,功夫少年小吉利与“天下第一厨”六扇恩的大弟子味极立下赌约,在京城召开的天下料理大赛上一决高下。一场关于代表草根美食的黑暗料理和山珍海味的高级料理之战也随之拉开序幕。

出品 Studio: 奇月星空影业 Moon & Star Picture, 小仓电影 Cang Studio.
制片人 Produced by: 杨永清 Yang Yongqing.
导演 Directed by: 毕基 Bi Ji.
编剧 Screenplay by: 方岚 Fang Lan, 汤筱晶 Tang Xiaojing, 米拿 Mi Na.
主演 Starring: 王宥钧 Wang Youjun, 刘名凯 Liu Mingkai, 靳锦 Jing Jin, 黄子星 Huang Zixing.
题材 Genres: #喜剧 #comedy #动作 #action #武侠 #wuxia

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