November 29, 2023

Synopsis: The romance drama movie “Forever Love 星星都喜歡你” is about a sweet love story of the new actress Bai Ange who lost her memory after a car accident. She not only owed a huge debt, but also suffered from physical problems, and sometimes dizziness. In order to survive, she contacted Gu Heng, the ill man who “faked injury”, and found that she was not dizzy when he was around. The two signed a marriage contract for different purposes, and began to live together in chaos. While trying her best to realize her dream, she overcame the psychological barrier to survive, but she was informed by her husband who hugged and kissed her to terminate the contract in advance. This was intolerable.

故事简介: 偶像甜宠爱情剧电影《星星都喜欢你 Forever Love》讲述了新人演员白安歌车祸后失忆,不但欠下巨债,身体还出现bug,时不时眩晕,为了活下来,她和“碰瓷”自己的病秧子顾恒接触发现不晕了,两人出于不同目的签订契约婚姻协议,开始了兵荒马乱的同居生活。她一边拼尽全力实现自己的梦想,一边克服心理障碍好好活下来,但是却被和自己“亲亲抱抱举高高”的老公通知提前结束协议。是可忍,孰不可忍。

出品 Studio: 北京光合星空文化 StarLight Fusion Culture.
制片人 Produced by: 赵子墨 Zhao Zimo, 渠树娟 Liang Shujuan.
导演 Directed by: 王艺洁 Wang Yijie.
编剧 Screenplay by: 渠小树 Qu Xiaoshu, 阎小茹 Yan Xiaoru.
主演 Starring: 郑玉佳 Zheng Yujia, 陈冠峄 Chen Guanyi, 刘逸夫 Liu Yifu, 胡雅绮 Hu Yaqi, 徐玉龙 Xu Yulong.
题材 Genres: #爱情 #Romance #甜宠 #sweet #甜宠爱情剧

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