December 6, 2023

Synopsis: The fantasy action movie “The Skin Painter 畫皮師” tells the story of the aura between the heaven and the earth. During the thousands of years of vicissitudes, countless mysterious and treacherous groups have been bred. Demons and demons eat weak human beings for their own greed, and some people with special abilities were born among the human beings who strived to survive. Among them, there are even people who can turn decay into magic. With just a paintbrush, they can reshape people’s muscles and bones, change their appearance and appearance, and are called painters in the world. Painted skin masters have followed ancient precepts since ancient times, and one master and one apprentice secretly passed on the magic of painting skin. Until the last generation of skin painters encountered a monster who relied on cannibalism to maintain its appearance, which triggered a battle between good and evil . Fang Ji (played by Cai Juntao), a painter of this generation, and his apprentice Mu Yiqian (played by Rui Weihang) traveled all over the world to practice medicine and rescue people, and encountered a sudden case of extermination of skin when passing through Longhu Town. Mu Yiqian was mistakenly taken into the Yamen as a suspect. Fang Ji accidentally rescued Shan Shan (played by Yin Ling), the only survivor in the pickpocketing case, while investigating the case, and then met Liang Youyan, a demon catcher who was also investigating the case. (Zhao Weilin). As the truth of the case was uncovered, Fang Ji discovered that a secret past thirty years ago was hidden behind this incident.

故事简介: 古装玄幻动作电影《画皮师 The Skin Painter》讲述天地之间灵韵万生,沧海桑田的数千年中,孕育了无数玄妙而诡谲的族群。妖、魔为一己贪念蚕食弱小的人类,力求生存的人类中随之诞生了一些拥有特殊能力的人。其中更有可化腐朽为神奇之人,仅凭一支画笔,便可为人重塑筋骨,易容改貌,世间称之为画皮师。画皮师自古以来都遵循着古训,一师一徒秘传着画皮的法术。直到最后一代画皮师遇到一种靠食人脸皮来维持容貌的妖,由此引发了一场人与妖的正邪大战。这一代的画皮师方祭(蔡俊涛饰)与徒弟穆一骞(芮伟航饰)一起游历四方行医救人,在途径龙湖镇时遇到了一桩突发的扒皮灭门案。穆一骞误被做嫌疑犯抓进了衙门,方祭在调查案件时偶然救下了扒皮案中的唯一幸存者珊瑚(尹玲饰),随后又遇到了同样在调查此案的捉妖师梁佑言(赵威霖饰)。随着案件真相的揭开,方祭发现这次事件的背后竟然隐藏着三十年前的一段秘密往事。

出品 Studio: 东阳奇月文化传媒 Dongyang Moon & Star Media.
制片人 Produced by: 崔铁龙 Cui Tielong.
导演 Directed by: 田少波 Tian Shaobo.
编剧 Screenplay by: 昱敬 Yu Jing, 张驰 Zhang Chi.
主演 Starring: 蔡俊涛 Cai Juntao, 尹玲 Yin Ling, 芮伟航 Rui Weihang, 赵威霖 Zhao Weilin, 王蕾 Wang Lei, 邢雨静 Xing Yujing.
题材 Genres: #动作 #action #玄幻 #fantasy

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