November 29, 2023

Synopsis: The youth campus romance love story movie “The Girl 2 Peach Era 校花駕到 2 蜜桃時代” is also named as “At the Age of Seventeen 十七要不要”. When Ai Meili went to college, she decided to form a band and aimed to win the National Campus Musical Competition, then her roommates Su Mi, Wu Yimeng and another handsome boy Wen Zhuo joined the team. They have to defeat the famous Young Rose Band on their road to the final winner. Also they faced the friendship and love during this journey of youth.

故事简介: 校园青春爱情电影《校花驾到2蜜桃时代 The Girl 2 Peach Era》亦名《十七要不要 At the Age of Seventeen》讲述了青春少女艾美丽(范薇饰演)升入大学后和好姐妹以及梦中男神组建乐队的故事,一段勇敢追逐青春、爱情、友谊和梦想的校园生活就此展开。天生胆小、五音不全的艾美丽升入大学,决定组建一支乐队。性格麻辣的好姐妹苏米(石靖怡饰演)、练拳击的女汉子吴一萌(李玲饰演),以及艾美丽童年时代的梦中情人文卓(文卓饰演)加入进来,四人一起向全国校园音乐大赛发起冲击。一段关于、爱情、友谊的校园生活就此展开。在这个过程中,他们经历了各种各样的事,品尝到了成长的滋味。艾美丽克服了天性,唱响了自己的歌,收获了自己一直不敢去面对的爱情。

出品 Studio: IFG 互联网电影集团
制片人 Produced by: 陈焕章 Chen Huanzhang, 程睿 Cheng Rui.
导演 Directed by: 马成成 Ma Chengcheng.
编剧 Screenplay by: 周旦 Zhou Dan.
主演 Starring: 文卓 Wen Zhuo, 范薇 Fan Wei, 李玲 Li Ling(1931女子偶像组合), 石靖怡 Shi Jingyi, 张冬 Zhang Dong.
题材 Genres: 校园 Campus, 青春 Youth, 爱情 Romance LoveStory.

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