December 10, 2023

Synopsis: The martial arts & romance film “Dragon Gate Posthouse 9 龍門驛站之奇緣” tells a love story beyond time, space, life and death. Ma Dalu helped the scholar Fang Jun open a private school in the Crescent Town. Three months later, the school was almost closed down because there was no student at all. Fortunately, a girl named Zhuer of unknown origin gave a hand. Zhuer was very clever and was very concerned about Fang Jun. Unfortunately, Fang Jun still loved his ex-fiancée Shen Yan, who had abandoned him. He expected that she change her mind. However, Shen Yan had Fang Jun murdered in order to marry into a rich and powerful family. Fang Jun’s life was on the line, Zhuer saved Fang Jun’s life at expense of her five hundred years of practice. Fang Jun recovered from the dead and finally understood who was his true love. However, Zhuer had only seven days…

故事简介: 古装武侠爱情电影《龙门驿站之奇缘 Dragon Gate Posthouse 9》讲述了一段为爱超越时空和生死的奇缘。马大路帮助读书人方俊在月牙镇开设了间私塾,只是三个月无有学生,险些落得关门大吉。幸得一个来历不明的女孩珠儿相助,才得以解困。珠儿灵慧异常,对方俊更是关切备至。可惜方俊依然心系抛弃自己的未婚妻沈燕,期待其回心转意。然而,沈燕为了顺利嫁入豪门,竟然狠心向方俊下毒手。方俊命悬一线,珠儿不惜以五百年的修行挽回方俊的生命。方俊死而复生,终于明白谁才是真爱,然而,珠儿在人间只有短短七日的时间了。

出品 Studio: 东阳奇月星空文化传媒 Dongyang Qiyue Xingkong Media.
制片人 Produced by: 闫晓强 Yan Xiaoqiang.
导演 Directed by: 潘文杰 Man Kit Poon, 何洛 He Luo.
编剧 Screenplay by: 邵洋 Shao Yang.
主演 Starring: 张智霖 Julian Cheung, 刘家辉 Chia Hui Liu, 文颂娴 Annie Man, 赵柯 Zhao Ke, 王洋 Wang Yang, 王丽坤 Wang Likun, 桑伟淋 Sang Weilin.
题材 Genres: #wuxia #武侠 #love #爱情 #romance #爱情片 #lovestory #爱情电影

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