December 6, 2023

Synopsis: The martial arts action film “Dragon Gate Posthouse 1 龍門驛站之太陽花” tells a story about revenge and redemption. A crazy woman who was beaten to death 20 years ago seems to have returned to Moon Town, vowing to exterminate all those who persecuted her in those years. Moon Town immediately fell into a bloody situation, endangering everyone. At the same time, a crazy girl appeared in Moon Town. Was she a human being or a ghost? Had she committed the murder cases? It was investigated by Ma Dalu, a postman who lived in Dragon Gate Posthouse. Chen Kai, a good friend of Da Lu, and Yang Yang, a maid of philanthropist Mo, the richest man in the town, fell in love with each other. They hoped one day to cultivate a sunflower which represents hope and happiness. However, Chen Kai had another secret story, and the blood feud that had oppressed him for 20 years made him unable to let go. Finally, he extended his hand of revenge to philanthropist Mo.

故事简介: 古装武侠动作电影《龙门驿站之太阳花 Dragon Gate Posthouse 1》讲述了一个关于复仇和救赎的故事。二十年前被毒打至死的疯妇似乎重回月牙古镇,誓要将当年迫害她的人赶尽杀绝。月牙镇顿时陷入血雨腥风之中,人人自危。同时,一个疯疯癫癫的女孩出现在月牙镇,她是人是鬼,命案是否她所犯下,龙门驿站的邮差马大路对此展开调查。大路的好友陈开和镇中首富莫善人的婢女杨阳相爱,他们期望有朝一日能种出一片代表希望和幸福的太阳花。然而,陈开却另有隐情,压在他头上二十年的血海深仇使他无法释怀,最终,他将复仇之手伸向莫善人。

出品 Studio: 东阳奇月星空文化传媒 Dongyang Qiyue Xingkong Media.
制片人 Produced by: 闫晓强 Yan Xiaoqiang.
导演 Directed by: 潘文杰 Man Kit Poon, 朱锐斌 Yui-bun Chu.
编剧 Screenplay by: 邵洋 Shao Yang, 黄浩华 Ho-Wa Wong.
主演 Starring: 张智霖 Julian Cheung, 刘家辉 Chia Hui Liu, 文颂娴 Annie Man, 赵柯 Zhao Ke, 杨镒 Yang Yi, 赵婷 Zhao Ting, 申军谊 Shen Junyi.
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