December 10, 2023

Synopsis: The Kung Fu Action Movie “Beauty Detective Mission 1 Naked Weapon 美女侦探团之赤裸狂花” is about a detective team of four beautiful girls: Jiang Shengnan, Cen Yuanzhi, Angela and Ouyang Qian. One day the team got a girl missing case: A black belt the seventh of Asian Taekwondo, Lin Danni. During the investigation, Member Jiang Shengnan was missing too. Actually, they both were kidnapped by a criminal group that organizes black boxing matches. Sister Na, the boss of the group, monetizes from the match. Then Beauty Detective team finds the place and wants to rescue the girls. Unexpectedly they fall into the trap again and all members are locked up. At last, the Beauty detective girls get a chance in a match and escape the cage, also get rid of the criminal group and Sister Na.

故事簡介:功夫動作電影《美女偵探團之赤裸狂花 Beauty Detective Mission 1 Naked Weapon》講述各地發生多宗少女離奇失踪案,受害者全部都是樣子可人、體格矯健的青春少女。她們都像是人間蒸發一般,無跡可尋。而真相是,心狠手辣的 Sister Na在幕後策劃,利用美少女打黑拳牟取暴利。跆拳道黑帶七段女孩林丹妮和美女偵探團成員蔣勝男先後被抓,二人在艱苦的考驗中互相扶持,情同姊妹,成為最頂尖和性感的拳手。美女偵探團其她成員岑苑之、Angela和歐陽倩最後利用科技手段追踪到囚禁之處而前往解救,卻不想再次落入陷阱而全體被抓。在最後的黑拳決賽中,女孩們最終利用比賽的漏洞成功挾持頭目逃出牢籠,並成功將大老闆娜姐除掉!

出品 Studio: 智上力合影業 Wisdom Union Film
導演 Director: 吳俊峰 Wu Junfeng
主演 Starring: 陳曉雪 Chen Xiaoxue, 岑苑之 Cen Yuanzhi, 匡匡 Kuang Kuang, 曾芷倩 Zeng Zhiqian, 大B哥 Chi Hung Ng
題材 Genres: #动作 #action #功夫 #actionmovies #动作片 #功夫片 #actionfilm #动作电影

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