December 10, 2023

Synopsis: The kung fu fight action movie “Raptors Attack 猛龍出擊” tells the story of Zhang Zilong and the blind Li Wenhui who grew up in an orphanage since childhood. Zhang Zilong was deeply loved by the martial arts coach Xu Jinyang because of his extraordinary talent in martial arts. He recommended Zilong to his mentor, coach Dai Yuhai, and hoped that his mentor could train Zilong to become a generation of boxing champions; Li Wenhui also became an outstanding TCM massage therapist through hard work. In the face of various setbacks in life, Zilong and Wenhui supported each other and did not bow to fate. In the end, Zhang Zilong broke through and won the gold belt of the international boxing champion, kept his promise, and reaped his love.

故事简介: 格斗功夫动作电影《猛龙出击 Raptors Attack》讲述张子龙和双目失明的李文慧自幼在孤儿院长大,李文慧处处得到了张子龙的照顾,彼此互生情愫。张子龙因武术天赋异禀,深得武校教练徐锦阳的喜爱,他把子龙推荐给自己的恩师戴玉海教练,希望恩师可以把子龙培养成一代拳王;李文慧经过努力成了一名出色的中医推拿师。面对生活的种种挫折,子龙和文慧彼此扶持没有向命运低头,最终张子龙突破自我拿下了国际拳王金腰带,信守了承诺,也收获了久违的爱情。

出品 Studio: 广东猛龙出击文化传媒 Raptors Attack Media, 深圳环亚映画 Huanya Films.
制片人 Produced by: 张水波 Zhang Shuibo, 庄黎 Zhuang Li, 赖杰 Lai Jie.
导演 Directed by: 陆革命 Lu Geming.
编剧 Screenplay by: 陆革命 Lu Geming.
主演 Starring: 何翔 He Xiang, 程媛媛 Cheng Yuanyuan, 王佳宁 Wang Jianing, 博弘 Bo Hong.
题材 Genres: #动作 #Action #功夫 #kungfu #动作片 #actionmovies #功夫片 #动作电影 #actionfilm

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