December 7, 2023

Synopsis: The martial arts action film “Dragon Gate Posthouse 2 龍門驛站之旱天雷” tells a story about tolerance and redemption. With the help of Ma Dalu, the crazy girl Chuer came to the Dragon Gate Posthouse to look for her long-lost father, Sky Strikes. To everybody’s surprise, her father is the owner of the Posthose, Shi Gandang. Back then, Sky Strikes, who was the supervisor and executioner of the Ministry of Punishments, chased and killed the family of the wronged general for thousands of miles, betraying his conscience. In front of the Dragon Gate Posthouse, a bloody slaughter took place, the general died, and the whereabouts of a pair of sons and daughters were unknown. However, Sky Strikes committed a lot of crimes, resulting in the murder of his pregnant wife and the destruction of his family. Ma Dalu didn’t believe that the upright Sky Strikes would do such harmful things. He went back to twenty years ago through a psychic master, and witnessed the truth about the tragic death of the Great General. Shi Gandang took Chuer back to his hometown, but unexpectedly found that there was another daughter, Tigress, but Chuer disappeared again.

故事简介: 古装武侠动作电影《龙门驿站之旱天雷 Dragon Gate Posthouse 2》讲述了一个关于宽容与救赎的故事。疯疯癫癫的女孩楚儿在马大路的帮助下,来到龙门驿站,寻找失散多年的父亲旱天雷,不想踏破铁鞋,旱天雷就是驿站的掌柜石敢当。当年,身为刑部监斩官的旱天雷昧着良知,千里追杀被冤屈的大将军全家。龙门驿站前,一场血腥杀戮,大将军身死,一双儿女下落不明。而旱天雷罪孽深重,导致怀孕的妻子被害,家破人亡。马大路不相信正直的旱天雷会做出伤天害理之事。他通过一个通灵的大师回到二十年前,亲眼目睹了大将军惨死的真相。而石敢当带着楚儿返回故乡,却意外地发现还有一个女儿虎妞,只是楚儿又不见了。

出品 Studio: 东阳奇月星空文化传媒 Dongyang Qiyue Xingkong Media.
制片人 Produced by: 闫晓强 Yan Xiaoqiang.
导演 Directed by: 潘文杰 Man Kit Poon, 朱锐斌 Yui-bun Chu.
编剧 Screenplay by: 邵洋 Shao Yang, 黄浩华 Ho-Wa Wong.
主演 Starring: 张智霖 Julian Cheung, 刘家辉 Chia Hui Liu, 文颂娴 Annie Man, 赵柯 Zhao Ke, 汤镇业 Kent Tong Chun Yip, 林家栋 Gordon Lam Ka Tung, 朱晏 Zhu Yan.
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