November 29, 2023

Synopsis: The fantasy romance movie 《妖夢西遊 Dream Journey 蝎精女兒國》is about a time-travel story in Ladies Kingdoms of Journey To The West. When Monk Tang and his disciples arrive in the Lady Kingdom, the Queen falls in love with Monk Tang and requests him to stay. Monk Tang is so moved and says YES because they have a destined love of nine generations. But Buddha says NO because Monk Tang’s destiny is to get the Buddhist Scriptures. Then the world was destroyed and cycled again. A modern girl Barbie was assigned her fate to break this cycle and transported to that time…How can she save the “Journey to The West” mission and the world?

故事简介:穿越神话爱情电影《妖梦西游 Dream Journey 蝎精女儿国》创意来自于西游记中女儿国国王与唐僧的爱情故事——假设唐僧答应女儿国国王留下来会怎么样?因为原本上天就注定唐僧与女王有九世情缘!然而如来佛祖赋予金蝉子(唐僧前世)的转世)要完成取经大业。每一次当唐僧决定留下时,如来佛祖只能用大日如来净世咒将世界重新归零!如何打破这个循环?一个现代女孩芭比需要穿越到其中去打破这个循环并帮助唐僧师徒顺利完成女儿国的渡劫……

出品 Studio: 心暖花开 Blooming Flowers Picture.
制片人 Produced by: 楚人勤 Churen Qin, 杨晓峰 Yang Xiaofeng.
导演 Directed by: 楚人勤 Churen Qin.
编剧 Screenplay by: 李晓晖 Li Xiaohui, 楚人勤 Churen Qin, 孙海洋 Sun Haiyang
主演 Starring: 孙海洋 Sun Haiyang, 付赫安琪 Fuhe Anqi, 李沛槿 Li Peijing, 杨乾龙 Yang Qianlong.
题材 Genres: #journeytothewest #西游记 #Fantasy #神话 #myths #爱情 #romance #穿越 #timetravel

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