December 4, 2023

Synopsis: The First-Run Military Action film Movie “The King of Soldiers 單兵之王” is about a special force story: The Wolf is the leader of an international criminal group. His wife, Zhou Wenfang was captured by the police of China. The Wolf sent elite mercenaries to save her several times, and they were wiped out by Chinese special forces. As last, the Wolf sent out his most powerful team: Leopard and the Four Kings. On the other side, The King of the soldiers, Long Hun, was also recalled to special forces team…

故事简介: 首映特种兵军事动作电影《单兵之王 The King of Soldiers》讲述 国际犯罪集团“屠龙佣兵团”老大野狼的妻子周文芳,在中国失手被中国警方擒获。为了救出妻子,野狼几次派出精英雇佣兵前去营救,都被中国特种兵消灭了。不得已,野狼派出了自己手下最强大的雷豹和四大金刚,再次来营救周文芳。雷豹没有直接进行营救行动,而是绑架了多名重要人质,威胁警察局李局长将周文芳释放。其中一名人质是李局长的女儿欣欣。中国军方同时派出精英特种兵龙魂和他的三名下属猎鹰、天猴、山狼前去营救人质…

出品 Studio: 雅风国际影视 Yafeng International Films.
制片人 Produced by: 李晓晖 Li Xiaohui, 申军锋 Shen Junfeng, 李蔚 Li Wei.
导演 Directed by: 刘雅风 Liu Yafeng
编剧 Screenplay by: 刘加明 Liu Jiaming, 李晓晖 Li Xiaohui.
主演 Starring: 刘雅风 Liu Yafeng, 邹蕊蔓 Zou Ruiman, 杨志涛 Yang Zhitao, 王琪瑞 Wang Qirui, 谭志平 Tan Zhiping
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