December 4, 2023

【Chinese Name】黑蝴蝶
【Starring】刘敏涛 Liu Mintao / 李砚 Li Yan
【Synopsis】The story took place in the sunny 1980s. Qi Lin (played by Liu Mintao), a woman who was released from prison in the mid-1980s, was released early after serving her sentence and returned home to find that she was already a different person. Defending feelings or adult beauty? After a series of difficult choices, Qi Lin fell back into a difficult and hectic life. At the same time, there was a wonderful chemical reaction with Zhou Kunpeng (played by Li Jiacheng), a confused and ignorant young man. They never met but influenced each other. In the process of finding the meaning of life together, a kind of “love” arose. But because of the difference in age, this “love” became a little hard to say. Just when I was in a state of being overwhelmed, a piece of sin in prison flew out of nowhere, tearing the two people who loved each other apart into yin and yang. Tears of dialogue.
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