December 10, 2023

【Chinese Name】冒顿
【Starring】 戴路 Dai Lu / 王刚 Wang Gang
【Synopsis】Around 220 BC, the Yuezhi, Xiongnu, Donghu and other tribes lived in the grasslands of northern China from west to east. In order to abolish the elders and establish the young, the Xiongnu Da Shanyu raised his troops to attack the Yuezhi, intending to use the hands of the Yuezhi to kill Maodun who was a hostage of the Yuezhi.
However, with the help of the Han girl Jiujiu, Maodun fled back to his father. He pretended to be crazy and fooled the people. After his wings became full, he killed his father himself and became the King of the Huns.
The powerful Donghu forced Maodu to hand over the national treasure, the Maxima, and Maodu agreed aggrievedly. Master Donghu made an inch of progress and wanted to occupy Maodun’s Yan family (wife). All the ministers of the Huns were filled with righteous indignation, but Maodun said: “How can you fight against the powerful Donghu for a woman?”
Lord Donghu, who got the beautiful Yan family, relaxed his vigilance against Maodu. When he sent a messenger to ask for the land of the Xiongnu again, Maodu responded: “Land is the foundation of the country, how can you give it away casually?!” The leader of Maodu is determined to win The Xiongnu defeated Donghu and made Master Donghu’s head into his own urinal.
In 206 B.C., the first year of Emperor Gaozu of the Han Dynasty, Maodun conquered Donghu and appeased the people to return to the Xiongnu.
A few years later, Modu unified the entire grassland in northern China.
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