December 7, 2023

Synopsis: The western crime film “Kill in the Desert 漠戮” tells a story of a delivery driver, San Ban, who has a poor income and shares a rent with several gangsters, while his girlfriend (Fei Fei) lives in someone else’s Golden House. In order to get rid of the current situation, San Ban carefully plans to rob a large amount of cash from a casino. During the robbery, accidents occur frequently. After San Ban kills a man, he flees into the desert with his stupid brother and girlfriend. However, the police and the criminal gangster who lost the gambling money begin to search for him. What will happen in the battle between life and death on the desert highway?

故事简介: 西部犯罪电影《漠戮 Kill in The Desert》讲述送货司机三板,收入不佳,和几个混混合租,女朋友(菲菲)却住在别人的“金屋”里。为了摆脱现状,三板精心策划,抢劫了某赌场的大量现金。行动过程中,意外频频出现。三板儿杀人之后,带着自己的傻子哥哥和女朋友逃进了沙漠里。然而警察和丢失赌金的犯罪团伙都开始了对三板的搜索。沙漠里的公路上,生与死的较量,将会上演怎样的剧情?

出品 Studio: 非比寻常影视 Phoebe Media
导演 Directed by: 常伟 Chang Wei.
编剧 Screenplay by: 常伟 Chang Wei.
主演 Starring: 张昊 Zhang Hao, 高超 Gao Chao, 徐晓龙 Xu Xiaolong, 陈伟 Chen Wei, 郭辉 Guo Hui.
题材 Genres: #西部 #western #crime #犯罪片 #westernmovies #crimemovies

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