December 7, 2023

Synopsis: The action movie “變形者 The Phantom Killer 幽靈殺手” is about a spy, Hong Qiang, who was ordered to finish a task but was ambushed by gunmen and mercenaries. He survived and became a killer. A female star Li Mengqi was abandoned by her boss and decided to revenge him. Zhang Yongcheng was a stalker and he accidentally followed Hong Qiang. Hong Qiang said that he was a talent scout and was looking for a leading actor for a new movie. Hong Qiang decided to give Zhang Yongcheng an audition opportunity and they snuck into a stranger’s home. Zhang Yongcheng found that Hong Qiang did not take anything but to seek the privacy deliberately concealed by the host. Meanwhile, Hong Qiang also reminded Zhang Yongcheng to pay attention to his appearance. Later, Hong Qiang gave Zhang Yongcheng a credit card and asked him to pursue the life he wanted. Zhang Yongcheng started to hang out with his ideal female star, however, he didn’t know that he was trapped by someone else.

故事简介: 动作电影《变形者 The Phantom Killer 幽灵杀手》 讲述特工洪强(刘峰超饰)奉命执行任务,却被人伏击,遭到枪手和雇佣兵的围追堵截,大难不死沦为黑户杀手。女明星李梦琪(吴谨西饰)因为换角风波被老板抛弃,决意报复老板。龙套演员张永成(马靖饰)是个跟踪狂,他无意间跟踪了洪强,洪强说自己是个星探,正为一个电影物色男主角。洪强决定给张永成一个试镜的机会,带着张永成潜入了陌生人的家中,但张永成发现洪强根本不取财物,而是寻找主人蓄意掩盖的隐私。同时洪强还提醒张永成要注意仪表。后来,洪强给了张永成一张信用卡,并让张永成勇敢的去追求自己想要的生活。在洪强的影响下鼓足勇气向女明星求爱,完成吊丝逆袭白富美,却不想自己早已掉进了别人设计好的圈套里。

出品 Studio: 盟兄弟影视工作室 Brother Union Studio.
制片人 Produced by: 蔡正琳 Cai Zhenglin, 孟磊 Meng Lei.
导演 Directed by: 刘湛 Liu Zhan.
编剧 Screenplay by: 刘湛 Liu Zhan.
主演 Starring: 刘峰超 Liu Fengchao, 吴谨西 Wu Jinxi.
题材 Genres: #动作 #Action #动作片 #actionmovies #动作电影 #actionfilm

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