December 7, 2023

Synopsis: The martial arts action film “Dragon Gate Posthouse 6 龍門驛站之秋娘淚” tells the tragic story of Qiu Niang, the owner of Tianya Wine Shop, who moved to Yueya Town two years ago and was willing to kill people in order to keep her husband. Qiu Niang was a smart and attractive woman, but because she could not conceive, she feared that her husband Fang Youde would one day return to his ex-wife Liu Furong. In order to keep her hard-earned home, Qiu Niang did everything she can, even going so far as to kill to do so. However, as fate would have it, Furong, who was looking for Youde, her husband, came from thousands of miles away to the wine shop. Qiu Niang discovered that her husband was still in love with his ex-wife and went into a frenzy. She imprisoned Youde and Furong, forcing her husband to make a final choice. When seeing that her husband and ex-wife were willing to sacrifice their lives to save each other, Qiu Niang finally came to her senses and finally committed suicide to cleanse herself of her sins.

故事简介: 古装武侠动作电影《龙门驿站之秋娘泪 Dragon Gate Posthouse 6》讲述两年前搬到月牙镇的天涯酒坊老板娘秋娘,为了挽留住丈夫而不惜杀人的悲惨故事。秋娘是个聪慧而有魅力的女人,然而由于秋娘无法怀有身孕,她担心丈夫方友德总有一天会回到前妻柳芙蓉身边。为了保住这个来之不易的家,秋娘无所不用其极,甚至不惜为此杀人。可是,命运的安排令千里寻夫的芙蓉来到酒坊。秋娘发现丈夫依然深爱着前妻,于是陷入疯狂之中。她囚禁了友德和芙蓉,逼迫丈夫做出最后的选择。而当秋娘看到丈夫和前妻为了拯救彼此,竟然不惜牺牲性命之时,秋娘终于幡然醒悟,最终自杀洗刷自己的罪恶。

出品 Studio: 东阳奇月星空文化传媒 Dongyang Qiyue Xingkong Media.
制片人 Produced by: 闫晓强 Yan Xiaoqiang.
导演 Directed by: 潘文杰 Man Kit Poon, 朱锐斌 Yui-bun Chu.
编剧 Screenplay by: 邵洋 Shao Yang, 黄浩华 Ho-Wa Wong.
主演 Starring: 张智霖 Julian Cheung, 刘家辉 Chia Hui Liu, 文颂娴 Annie Man, 赵柯 Zhao Ke, 米扬 Mi Yang.
题材 Genres: #wuxia #武侠 #action #动作 #martialarts #武侠片 #actionmovies #武侠电影 #actionfilm

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