December 4, 2023

Synopsis: The action & drama film “The Super Top Bet 超能賭霸” tells a story of Ye Tianxuan, a new winner who mysteriously disappears after a large gambling game. Qing Yan, the owner of the Secret Gambling Pavilion, ordered his subordinate Hei Zong to look for Ye Tianxuan, but Hei Zong accidentally brought back Mengmeng, who possessed supernatural powers. With the secret in her heart, Mengmeng finally became a super Gambling Tyrant by virtue of her extraordinary perseverance and wisdom.

故事简介: 动作剧情电影《超能赌霸 The Super Top Bet》讲述了新晋赌霸叶天玄,在一次大型赌局后离奇失踪。秘赌阁阁主青魇命手下黑宗寻找叶天玄,结果黑宗误打误撞将身怀特异功能的梦梦带了回来。梦梦怀揣着心中的秘密,最终凭借超凡的毅力喝智慧,成为了超能赌霸。

出品 Studio: 北京稻草人 Scarecrow Films, 光影奇迹 Guang Ying Miracle Film, 包氏影业 Baos Film.
制片人 Produced by: 连垒战 Lian Leizhan.
导演 Directed by: 刘昱辰 Liu Yuchen.
编剧 Screenplay by: 苏悦年 Su Yuenian.
主演 Starring: 张玲 Zhang Ling, 周末 Zhou Mo, 王波文 Wang Bowen, 赵予琦 Zhao Yuqi.
题材 Genres: #action #actionmovies #动作 #剧情 #drama #dramamovies #剧情片 #动作片

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