November 29, 2023

Synopsis: The fantasy romance movie “Nine-Tailed Fox 九尾狐傳” tells a story of the fox demon (fairy fox), Xiu, who came into the human world for the first time. She was tricked by the scholar, Jiang Wanyun into believing they had something real between them. Warlock Yan Liuer discovered Xiu’s true identity and told Jiang Wanyun, who was afraid of demons and betrayed Xiu. Xiu escaped and became frustrated, she then kept on wandering around the human world. She decided to be ruthless and cold with people until Yan Liuer found Xiu again. Just when Yan Liuer was about to capture Xiu, Wei, a nine-tailed fox full of justice, entered the stage…

故事简介: 玄幻爱情电影《九尾狐传 Nine-Tailed Fox》讲述狐妖阿秀初涉红尘,不谙世事,被书生江晩昀哄骗,阿秀便将这些虚情假意当作了“真心”。法师燕流儿发现阿秀真实身份并告知江晩昀,江晩昀心生恐惧背叛阿秀。阿秀逃走失意流落人间,从此决定以无心对无情,直到燕流儿再度发现了阿秀的身影。就在燕流儿打算擒收阿秀时,满怀正义的九尾狐阿唯出现了……

出品 Studio: 观剧影文化 Guan Juying Culture.
导演 Directed by: 赵天伊 Zhao Tianyi.
编剧 Screenplay by: 许施羽 Xu Shiyu, 阿绿 A’Lv.
主演 Starring: 齐硕 Qi Shuo, 刘薇 Liu Wei, 阳欣珂 Yang Xinke, 戚彩 Qi Cai.
题材 Genres: 古装 爱情 Romance #LoveStory 玄幻 #Fantasy

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