December 7, 2023

Synopsis: The sci-fi romance movie “Over 40 Billion Light Years to See You 跨过400亿光年来看你 Alien Girlfriend” tells a love story of Tang Mengyan and Ye Chenfeng. Tang Mengyan is from the Blue Planet, which is 40 billion light years away, and has been exploring civilization on Earth for 100 years according to the mission of the alien union. When she is about to leave the Earth, she reencounters her former lover, Ye Chenfeng, and they renew their previous relationship, but she has only 10 days left before her return. 10 years later, Tang Mengyan returns to Earth from the Blue Planet and runs a teahouse with Ye Chenfeng. They live a peaceful life together. This time, how far can their love last?

故事简介: 科幻甜宠爱情电影《Alien Girlfriend 跨过400亿光年来看你 Over 40 Billion Light Years to See You》讲述400亿光年外的蓝星人唐梦妍,100年来按照外星工会的任务,在地球上作文明探索。在即将离开地球的时候,重遇前世的爱人叶尘枫,两人再续前缘,但她只剩下10天就必须返回蓝星。10年后,唐梦妍从蓝星返回地球,和叶尘枫共同经营茶馆过着平静的生活,这一次,他们的爱情能走多远呢?

出品 Studio: 浙江昊月堃 Hao Yu Kun Film.
制片人 Produced by: 陈光辉 Chen Guanhui, 赵凌彬 Zhao Lingbing.
导演 Directed by: 赵凌彬 Zhao Lingbing.
编剧 Screenplay by: 何欣智 He Xinzhi, 张晏尘 Zhang Yanchen.
主演 Starring: 曹君豪 Cao Junhao, 朱娅 Zhu Ya, 艾力扎提 Aili Zati, 翟一青 Zhai Yiqing.
题材 Genres: #科幻 #Scifi #甜宠 Sweet #爱情 #Romance LoveStory

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