December 7, 2023

Synopsis: The comedy martial arts & love movie “Poison King 毒王千金” is also known as “The Trans Couple 女公子男千金” is about a funny love story. When the son of the Poison Family, Yelv Saleng, was looking for his father, he inadvertently disturbed the revenge plan of the daughter of the Medical Family, Hua Cancan, Then it caused two of them to reverse their genders in the magic circle. The “Poison King’s daughter” Yelv Saleng, who is more beautiful than a girl after transgender, has no choice but to reach a cooperation with Hua Cancan, and face the Jianghu battle and enmities…

故事简介: 古装武侠喜剧爱情电影《毒王千金 Poison King》亦名《女公子男千金 The Trans Couple》,讲述毒药世家大公子耶律撒冷在寻找父亲的过程中,无意间扰乱了医药世家千金花灿灿的复仇计划,导致二人在法阵之中性别反转,无法回归各自门派。眼看7天死期将至,门派恩怨再起,变性后比女孩还俊美的“毒王千金”耶律撒冷,不得已与花灿灿达成合作,走上了女装大佬的不归路……

出品 Studio: 九夜文化 Jiu Ye Culture, 丝路花雨影视 Silu Huayu Picture, 好人好事文化 Hoaren Haoshi Culture.
制片人 Produced by: 冀春伟 Ji Chuanwei.
导演 Directed by: 郎之幻 Lang Zhihuan.
编剧 Screenplay by: 火烧云 Huo Shaoyun, 郭园园 Guo Yuanyuan.
主演 Starring: 石凯 Shi Kai, 宋玥 Song Yue, 欧子玥 Ou Ziyue, 范家其 Fan Jiaqi.
题材 Genres: #古装 #爱情 #love #喜剧 #comedy #喜剧片 #喜剧电影 #comedymovie

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