December 10, 2023

Synopsis: The War Action Movie “Special Forces 特種兵之戰狼行動” tells Fang Guofeng and Zhang Hanjie were selected into the Special Forces training camp. During their hard training life, they established the deepest friendship and became good brothers. Zhang Hanjie was seriously injured and died in an operation to crack down on an overseas drug trafficking gang.

故事简介: 战争动作电影《特种兵之战狼行动 Special Forces》讲述了方国锋和张汉杰被选入了特种兵训练营,艰苦的训练生活中,两人建立了最为深厚的友谊,成为了出生入死的好兄弟。在一次打击境外贩毒团伙的行动中,张汉杰不幸身负重伤,不治身亡。

出品 Studio: 泼猴影业 Naughty Monkey Picture.
制片人 Produced by: 刘飞 Liu Fei
导演 Directed by: 徐晓 Xu Xiao.
编剧 Screenplay by: 曹世民 Cao Shimin, 季柯甫 Ji Kefu.
主演 Starring: 刘飞 Liu Fei, 季柯甫 Ji Kefu, 李依茜 Li Yiqian
题材 Genres: #动作 #Action #战争 #war #军事 #military

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