December 4, 2023

Synopsis: The historical war action movie “Rise of Tang Dynasty 2 大唐天下之帝王末路” tells that in 617 AD, Li Yuan uprose in Taiyuan and won the support of the people of Taiyuan. People actively volunteered for the Righteous Army and the soldiers of the army soon increased to more than 70 thousand. In July of the lunar calendar, Li Yuan, the General-in-Chief, appointed Li Jiancheng as Chief Commander of Left, Li Shimin as Chief Commander of Right and led more than 30 thousand soldiers and war horses to occupy Chang’an in the west to recover the world peace and order. Knowing the rebellion of Li Yuan, Emperor Yang of Sui was furious. He ordered Yu Shiji to send an army to encircle and suppress Li Mi. Meanwhile, the righteous forces popped up everywhere so that the army of the Court was unable to send any troops to deal with Li Yuan. Therefore, Yu Shiji had bitter grievances against the order in his mind. Yang You, Prince Dai of Sui, ordered Qv Tutong and Song Laosheng to halt the righteous forces in Hedong and Huoyi respectively. The righteous forces arrived at the Gate of Huoyi which was a place easy to defend and hard to attack. By adopting a series of stratagems, Li Shimin tempted Song Laosheng out of the city and wiped out his army outside of the city, occupying Huoyi in one fell swoop. Following up the victory, the Righteous Army occupied Linfen, Longmen, and other places. After reaching the banks of the Yellow River, they were warmly welcomed by the people from both sides of the Yellow River. Then they bypassed Hedong and came to the gate of Chang’an. The Sui army was frightened under this circumstance. Taking a page from Liu Bang, Li Yuan set some ground rules and won the heart of the people in Chang’an once he arrived there. Most soldiers and guardians in Jiangdu were from the central Shaanxi plain. Seeing that Emperor Yang of Sui couldn’t return to Chang’an, they gathered to revolt. In March of the lunar calendar in 618 AD, Emperor Yang of Sui was killed by the rebels in Jiangdu. Since then, the Sui Dynasty, a great dynasty that flourished for a while, has fallen.

故事简介: 古装历史战争电影《大唐天下之帝王末路 Rise of Tang Dynasty 2》讲述公元617年,李渊在太原举义,得到太原民众的大力支持,百姓踊跃应征,义军很快发展到七万余人。这年农历七月,大将军李渊任命李建成为左军都督,李世民为右军都督,带领三万人马西征长安,平定天下,重整社稷。隋炀帝得知李渊背叛朝廷,大发雷霆,责令虞世基派兵围剿李渊。虞世基有苦难言,各地义军此起彼伏,朝廷根本无力派军队对付李渊。长安的代王杨侑派屈突通和宋老生分别在河东、霍邑阻击义军。义军兵临霍邑城下。霍邑易守难攻,李世民用连环计将宋老生引诱出城,在城外消灭了宋老生的军队,一举占领霍邑。义军乘胜前进,陆续占领了临汾、龙门等地,兵至黄河岸边,黄河两岸的百姓踊跃欢迎义军!义军绕过河东,兵临长安城下,隋军已成惊弓之鸟。李渊效仿汉刘邦,对军队约法三章。义军进入长安,得到百姓拥戴。江都的禁军将士大多是关中人,见隋炀帝无力返回长安,聚集叛乱。公元618年农历三月,隋炀帝被叛军杀死,死于江都。自此,一个盛及一时的庞大王朝——隋朝就此终结……

出品 Studio: 北京斯奇正维 Siqi Zhengwei Culture, 山东心聚毅辉 Xinju Yihui Film, 永康三冠影业 Sanguan Film.
制片人 Produced by: 刘戈建 Liu Gejian, 张辉力 Zhang Huili.
导演 Directed by: 王文杰 Wang Wenjie, 张辉力 Zhang Huili.
编剧 Screenplay by: 张辉力 Zhang Huili.
主演 Starring: 沈晓海 Shen Xiaohai, 刘文治 Liu Wenzhi, 刘奕君 Liu Yijun, 鲍国安(87版曹操) Bao Guoan, 张子健 (李元芳) Zhang Zijian.
题材 Genres: 古装 历史 #ChineseHistory 战争 #WarMovie 动作 #ActionMovies

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