December 7, 2023

【Chinese Name】新街口
【Starring】黄渤 Huang Bo / 雪村 Xue Cun / 曾志伟 Eric Tsang
【Synopsis】A group of young people sell bags at the entrance of the Beijing Zoo. Without a business license, they are often “patronized” by the police. Jianjun (played by Xuecun) is one of the young men. He falls in love with Shen Hong (played by Fan Xia), the waiter of the music teahouse of Da Da Le. What’s even more helpless is that Shen Hong not only wanted to go abroad, but also fell into the arms of friends who had built the army.
Shen Hong was entangled by hooligans. The third uncle saw this and went to rescue him, but was seriously injured and died. Everyone set up a revenge team, but took more lives.
The night before Shen Hong left, she agreed to spend the night with Jianjun, whom she had admired for a long time, but something unexpected happened. Anxiety, helplessness and loss intertwined in the torrential rain of the night.
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