November 29, 2023

Synopsis: The thriller and horror movie “Human Bone Curse 人骨邪咒” is also named as “Bone China 骨瓷”. It tells a story of a pure and kind-hearted girl, Qihua whose fiance, Qingwen fell into the sea and died in an accident. Following the suggestion of her bestie Jiajia, Qingwen’s ashes were burned into a human bone vase. Since then, Qihua can always feel the signs of Qingwen’s continued existence at home. Qingwen’s soul seems to have returned to her, but gradually the situation has gotten out of control, and various supernatural horrors have occurred in Qihua’s house one after another…

故事简介: 惊悚恐怖电影《人骨邪咒之骨瓷 Human Bone Curse, Bone China》讲述单纯善良的绮华的未婚夫青文因事故坠海身亡,悲痛欲绝的绮华为了与青文长相厮守,听取了闺蜜的意见,效法民间传说巫术,将青文的骨灰烧制成人骨花瓶。自此,绮华时刻能感到青文继续存在家里的迹象,青文的魂魄似乎又回到了绮华身边,但逐渐事态失控了,绮华家里接连出现各种灵异恐怖事件……

出品 Studio: 大娱影业 Dayu Film, 千年影业 Millenium Film.
制片人 Produced by: 陈玉冰 Chen Yubing.
导演 Directed by: 林华全 Wah-Chuen Lam.
编剧 Screenplay by: 林华全 Wah-Chuen Lam.
主演 Starring: 周海媚 Kathy Chau, 林伟 Vincent Lam, 王婉中 Wang Wanzhong, 洪晓静 Hong Xiaojing, 陈奕龙 Chen Yilong, 王佑硕 Wang Youshuo.
题材 Genres: #惊悚 #Thriller #恐怖 #Horror

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