December 6, 2023

Synopsis: The fantasy action movie “The Zodiac Warriors” tells the story of the eternal spiritual creature, the Red Wolf, who came to the world and brought chaos. The leader of the Zodiac Warriors, Yuchi received orders to take down the creature and protect the city. He sealed the beast into his body in the face of danger. To everybody’s demise, General Yuchi’s mind and body were encroached by the Red Wolf and turned into a monster. The court mistakenly identified Yuchi as a rebellion and gave orders to execute his whole family. The Red Wolf hid in the mountains and waited for a chance to resurface in his true form. Twenty years later, on the day of the lunar eclipse, there are rumors that the Red Wolf is about to reappear. Coincidentally, the con artist Yan Chixia got into a group of descendants of the Zodiac Warriors, hoping to hunt down the Red Wolf. Yan Chixia took this as an opportunity to get the huge bounty at the start, but on the way to the Red Wolf, he was attacked by Red Wolf’s henchmen repeatedly and their trip was hindered by the remaining members of the Forbidden Warriors. After experiencing a series of thrilling events, Yan Chixia, Lady Cherry Blosson, and others worked together to capture the Red Wolf who escaped the seal enchantment. The court also decreed to restore Yuchi’s reputation. In the end, for Yan Chixia was dedicated to protecting the people from harm, he became a master of exorcism.

Studio: Ziyang Media.
Produced by: Shi Jun.
Directed by: Yang Langcong.
Screenplay by: Fan Daming, Zhang Guoying.
Starring: Liu Jikai, Liu Yitong, Xu Yong, Ke Yan, ALEX (Ukraine).
Genres: #Fantasy #Action #fantasyaction

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The Zodiac Warriors | Fantasy Action film, Full Movie HD*

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