December 7, 2023

Synopsis: The Overbearing Boss and Cinderella style sweet romance movie “The Overbearing Love 2 腹黑上司我要了” tells the story of Jing City Regal Club being a gathering place for top business people, and all graduates yearn for a job in it. The brave and outspoken girl Xuan Xuan tried her best, finally passed the interview of the club manager Zheng Yiqun, and officially got the job. She worked hard to deal with Zheng Yiqun’s difficult demands, just to meet the bosses of Rongfa Shares and Lane Technology as soon as possible. In fact, she is a reporter for a magazine who once reported an article about the insider transaction between the two companies, but the magazine was shut down because of that article. She still wouldn’t back down. At this time, all the evidence pointed to the Regal Club, so she was determined to dig out the truth. She and Zheng Yiqun battled back and forth, but she did not know that she was under Zheng Yiqun’s calculations all along, and it was Zheng Yiqun who closed the magazine back then. Xuan Xuan tried her best to get closer to the truth, but she always went astray. The strange thing was that Zheng Yiqun knew that it was not good for him, but he always led her to the right way toward the truth. Xuan Xuan finally found out the truth: As it turned out, she was being maliciously used by a business opponent, and Zheng Yiqun closed the magazine to protect her. It turned out that Zheng Yiqun had seen her a year ago, and he saw his former self in this stubborn little girl. He worked hard and hoped that Xuan Xuan would grow up through her own efforts. It is better to teach a person how to fish than to give them one. Xuan Xuan finally understood that the love of this boss is very special.

故事简介: 霸道总裁与灰姑娘式偶像甜宠爱情电影《腹黑上司我要了 The Overbearing Love 2》讲述晶城富豪俱乐部是一个顶级商务人士的汇聚地,所有毕业生心之向往。正义敢言的少女宣萱拼尽全力,终于通过俱乐部经理郑逸群的面试,正式入职。她努力应对郑逸群的百般刁难,只为尽快见到荣发股份和莱恩科技两家公司的老板。其实,她是一个杂志记者,曾报道过一篇关于两家公司的交易黑幕,却导致杂志社惨遭关门,她不甘心,这时所有证据指向富豪俱乐部,于是她决心挖出黑幕真相。她与郑逸群斗智斗勇,却不知道这一切都在郑逸群的算计中,当年让杂志社关门的正是郑逸群。宣萱想尽办法接近真相,却总是走偏,奇怪的是郑逸群明知对自己不利,却总给她引路。终于宣萱查到真相:原来自己被商业对手恶意利用,郑逸群关掉杂志社也是为了保护她。原来,郑逸群早在一年前就见过她,他在这个固执小姑娘身上看到了曾经的自己。他费劲心思,希望宣萱通过自己的努力来成长,授人以鱼不如授人以渔,宣萱终于明白这个腹黑上司的爱很特别。

出品 Studio: 非比寻常影视 Phoebe Media.
制片人 Produced by: 王秀珍 Wang Xiuzhen.
导演 Directed by: 黄超 Huang Chao.
编剧 Screenplay by: 王纯乐 Wang Chunle, 邱钧雅 Qiu Junya.
主演 Starring: 陶思源 Tao Siyuan, 满昱彤 Man Yutong, 景乐 Jing Le, 邵胜杰 Shao Shengjie.
题材 Genres: 偶像 #甜宠 爱情 #Romance Love.

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