December 8, 2023

Synopsis: The comedy action film “Super Cop 超級戰警” tells the story that the female killer Felina was ordered to assassinate a rich businessman and got ambushed. When she fled, she found her car stolen by a thief. The ridiculous robbers led by Cai Datou drove the stolen car to rob a bank, but met the gang of Xie Baoshan, the top of the super ten bandits. The two sides fought and both sides were hurt. Cai Datou ran away with Wang Tiedan in a hurry, and all the people on the way to escape came to the scene. They encountered a bunch of bizarre and humorous events, which engendered a series of funny adventure trips.

故事简介: 喜剧动作电影《超级战警 Super Cop》讲述了女杀手菲莉娜奉命刺杀富商遭到伏击,逃亡的时候发现自己的车子被贼偷走,逗比劫匪蔡大头一伙开着偷来的车去抢银行,却遇到了十大悍匪之首的谢宝山团伙,双方火拼,两败俱伤,蔡大头带着王铁蛋仓皇出逃,逃亡的路上各路人马粉墨登场,相继遇到了一系列匪夷所思幽默诙谐事件,由此引发了一连串搞笑逗比的冒险之旅。

出品 Studio: 横店鑫杰影视 Xinjie Films, 温州佰分传媒 Baifen Media, 温州鑫业网络 Xinye Network.
制片人 Produced by: 刘明亮 Liu Mingliang, 张志宏 Zhang Zhihong.
导演 Directed by: 刘湛 Liu Zhan.
编剧 Screenplay by: 刘湛 Liu Zhan.
主演 Starring: 孙蛟龙 Sun Jiaolong, 朱嘉镇 Zhu Jiazhen, 王道铁 Wang Daotie.
题材 Genres: #动作 #Action #喜剧 #Comedy

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