December 7, 2023

Synopsis: The Horror Movie “Walking Dead Master 1 The Soul Bell 赶尸人之摄魂铃 ” is about a ghost love story. Li Nanbei is a scriptwriter and his life isn’t going well. Even he has no courage to express his love to his dream lover, Qiao Keli. Then he is guided by his dream to Xiangxi, for a losing Soul Bell. Unexpectedly, when he wakes up, he finds out that he was transported to a village of 100 years ago. and he is changed to Yue Rugou, A walking dead master, who grew up together with his junior sister apprentice, Yu Linglong. Yue Rugou and Yu Linglong had a beautiful and sad love story in their lives. At last, Li Nanbei gets to know the connection of the Soul Bell. After he travelled back, He expelled the evil and gained his love.

故事簡介: 湘西趕屍 電影《趕尸人之攝魂鈴 Walking Dead Master 1 The Soul Bell》講述年輕的編劇李南北,經常做稀奇古怪的噩夢,生活、工作中諸事不順,面對自己心愛的女神“小周迅”喬克麗,也沒有勇氣去追求。在夢境的指引下,李南北意外穿越到民國,成了一名神秘的湘西趕屍匠,學習趕屍技巧的同時,也收穫一段甜蜜但淒美的愛情。在瞭解了現世厄運纏身的根源後,李南北該如何應對?他能否驅除怨魂?他能否收穫喬克麗的芳心?李南北終於走上勇敢之路…..

出品 Studio: 上海凡酷 Funcola Media
導演 Director: 嚴紹根 Yan Shaogen
主演 Starring: 黃欣靚Huang Xinliang, 顧靖 Gu Jing, 沃幸康 Wo Xingkang
題材 Genres: 魔幻 Fantasy, 鬼片 Ghost, 趕屍 WalkingDead, 愛情 Romance LoveStory

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