December 6, 2023

Synopsis: The Special Forces War Action Movie “使命營救” : A Chinese Special Force Team lands on the mission site to arrest the mysterious arms organization AIC in black and international drug dealers who are trading in the deep jungle, and rescue the kidnapped rich Chinese businessman. However, they are trapped by the men in black, which leads to the death of the vice captain. The self-reproached captain Ma Feng leaves the Special Force team and lives a muddled life. More than ten years later, Tonga, the leader of the terrorist organization who comes back with hatred, cooperates with the men in black and aims Ma Feng and his daughter Ma Xiaojie. A suspenseful clash is going to happen…

故事简介: 特种兵战争动作电影《使命营救》 讲述一对中国特工小队空降任务地点,抓捕正在丛林深处交易的神秘军火组织AIC黑衣人和国际毒贩,并拯救被绑架的中国富商,然而却中了黑衣人的圈套,导致了副队长的牺牲,自责的队长马峰退出了特工组,过起了浑浑噩噩的生活;十几年后带着仇恨而来的恐怖组织头目汤加和当年的黑衣人合作,盯住了马峰和他的女儿马小洁,一场精彩对决即将上演…

出品 Studio: 北京华语盛世 Hua Yu Sheng Shi Media, 光墨文化 Gammar Media.
制片人 Produced by: 何梦新 He Mengxin
导演 Directed by: 贾真 Jia Zhen
编剧 Screenplay by: 贾真 Jia Zhen
主演 Starring: 王雷方 Wang Leifang, 巴萨 Basa
题材 Genres: 战争 War, 军事 Military, 动作 Action

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