December 4, 2023

Synopsis: The black humor crime movie “Street Wolf 街狼” tells the story of a small town citizen, Gou Qiang, who lives with his daughter and drives a taxi for a living. He is kind and weak, and lives at the bottom of society like a poor dog. There is no struggle, life is hard but also peaceful. Until one day, an unexpected windfall brought him in trouble, and he was forced to be involved in a fight with three stupid and cruel thieves…

故事简介: 犯罪电影《街狼 Street Wolf》讲述小市民苟强与女儿相依为命,以开出租车为生,他善良软弱,像一只可怜的狗一样生活在社会的底层,安分守己,与世无争,日子虽清苦却也安闲自在。直到有一天,一份意外的飞来横财却给他带来了飞来横祸,他由此被迫卷入了跟三个凶恶残暴笨贼的较量中,在钢筋水泥的城市丛林里,其实他的内心并不是一只温驯的家犬,他的内心始终在咆哮,在恶人面前、在爱女面临生死存亡的紧急关头,他似乎听到了野性的呼唤,突然由一只混迹市井街头的温驯家狗变成了一匹狂暴愤怒的恶狼…

出品 Studio: 河北联华文化 Lianhua Culture.
制片人 Produced by: 周会湲 Zhou Huiyuan.
导演 Directed by: 王冬 Wang Dong.
编剧 Screenplay by: 吴辉 Wu Hui.
主演 Starring: 王喆 Wang Zhe, 祝御铭 Zhu Yuming, 张章 Zhang Zhang, 谢宇迪 Xie Yudi.
题材 Genres: #犯罪 #crime #犯罪片 #crimemovies

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