December 6, 2023

【Chinese Name】万箭穿心
【Starring】 颜丙燕 Yan Bingyan / 陈刚 Chen Gang / 焦刚 Jiao Gang / 李现 Li Xian
【Synopsis】In Wuhan in the 1990s, in an ordinary family, husband Ma Xuewu (played by Jiao Gang) was a factory director of a state-owned enterprise, his wife Li Baoli (played by Yan Bingyan) was a hawker in Hanzheng Street, and the two had a son, Xiaobao (played by Li Xian). ). A corporate house division allowed the family to move into a new house. Unexpectedly, a series of unexpected changes followed one after another since the moving day: husband Ma Xuewu filed for divorce, wife found out that her husband was cheating, and homeless mother-in-law asked for a divorce. Moving into a new home, Ma Xuewu finally committed suicide under a series of blows. Baoli’s friend Xiaojing (played by Zhao Qian) attributed all the bad luck to the bad feng shui of the new house, calling it “a thousand arrows piercing the heart”. Li Baoli, a stubborn personality, was unwilling to compromise and was determined to prop up this home…
Based on the novel of the same name by the famous Wuhan writer Fang Fang, the film “Feng Shui” was shortlisted for the main competition unit of the 25th Tokyo International Film Festival.
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