December 10, 2023

Synopsis: Zombie Movie “僵尸降头 Zombie Master” is about a zombie story. Yang Xiyue, the young lady of Yang’s Family, was born on a Yin day, a Yin Month and a Yin year. That means she has an extremely rare pure Yin body which is very helpful for wizards to practice their magic arts. Then she is often harassed by ghosts. Fortunately, her boyfriend Wen Ruohua is a zombie master, who saved her many times. One day a powerful Tame Head comes and wants to get Miss Yang’s body for practicing his dark magic arts. In order to save Miss Yang again, Master Wen summons a team of zombies to fight against the ghost army and the black magic arts of the Tame Head…

故事简介: 僵尸電影《殭屍降頭 Zombie Master》講述 楊家小姐楊希悅于陰年陰月陰日降生,是萬中無一的純陰之體,因此她經常遭鬼邪所擾,被陰靈逼婚。楊家無奈,請了法師文若畫前來驅邪,逢凶化吉的楊希悅對法師暗生情愫。 然而此時,降頭師看中了楊希悅的純陰之體,相傳降頭師吸取七七四十九個純陰之體的陰氣,便可練成不死不滅之體。為了搶奪純陰之體,降頭師煉化出無數邪靈滋擾楊家。 為了解救楊希悅,法師召喚出了僵屍軍團,與降頭師展開殊死搏鬥。

出品 Studio: 山東影趣 Funny Film
导演 Director: 房映華 Fang Yinghua
主演 Starring: 高子涵 Gao Zihan, 崔冬辰 Cui Dongchen, 楊峻茗 Yang Junming, 方言 Fang Yan, 崔會良 Cui Huiliang
题材 Genres: 魔幻 Fantasy, 動作 Action, 殭屍 Zombie

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