December 8, 2023

Synopsis: The Wuxia Martial Arts Action Movie “The Blades Girls 絕色錦衣衛” tells that in 1402 AD. The Princess Yan, Zhu Di, declared war against the Emperor Hui of Ming Dynasty, Zhu Yunwen. and then he ascended the throne as Emperor Cheng of Ming. In order to eliminate the remained force of the Emperor Hui, he established a spy ring, Jin Yi Wei (Imperial Guards). Qinglian, the leader of Girls Team, was ordered to hide among the people, to assassinate the key targets. But one time, Qinglian was injured and saved by a person named Li Gexiao, They fell in love. When Qinglian went back to Imperial Palace, she got to know that man was Emperor Hui. Qinglian faces the final choice….

故事简介: 古装武侠动作电影《绝色锦衣卫》故事发生在公元1402年,燕王朱棣发动“靖难之役”夺其侄子明惠帝朱允炆帝位。登基后,为巩固统治,恐明惠帝余部反攻,复启用锦衣卫残杀前朝忠臣元老。锦衣卫指挥使青莲奉命潜伏民间暗杀惠帝余党,不慎受伤,被离歌笑所救,养伤期间,两人暗生情愫。临别之际,离歌笑将其贴身玉佩赠予青莲。当青莲回到朱棣身边,被朱棣认出玉佩出处,生性多疑的朱棣便派遣青莲前去暗杀离歌笑。当青莲得知离歌笑便是惠帝时,该如何抉择?

出品 Studio: 上海鼎烁影业 Ding Shuo Pictures
导演 Director: 王宾 Wang Bin
主演 Starring: 徐子鹿 Xu Zilu, 张大可 Zhang Dake
题材 Genres: #action #武侠 #martialarts #动作 #爱情 #romance #绝色锦衣卫 #TheBladesGirls #动作电影 #爱情电影

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