December 4, 2023

Synopsis: The suspense crime film “Goodbye Stranger 再見陌生人” tells that Song Yawen, a policewoman serving the people and justice, finds out a serial human trafficking gang is involved when she is investigating a child trafficking case. She finds that her childhood playmate who were once dependent on her in the welfare home is also involved. After going through various hardships, she finally brings the entire human trafficking gang to justice. When the whole incident seems to be ended perfectly, Song Yawen unexpectedly finds that things are not as simple as she imagined…

故事简介: 悬疑犯罪电影《再见陌生人 Goodbye Stranger》主要讲述一位正义的人民警察宋雅雯在追查一起儿童拐卖案件时,牵扯出一个连环拐卖团伙,并发现幼时在福利院相依为命的玩伴牵扯其中,在历经各种艰辛后,终于将整个拐卖团伙绳之以法。当整个事件看似完美结束的时候,宋雅雯却意外发现 事情并没有想象中那么简单……

出品 Studio: 大唐文化 Tang’s Bro Culture. 安徽鑫美传媒 Xinmei Media.
制片人 Produced by: 唐康 Tang Kang, 黄磊 Huang Lei.
导演 Directed by: 唐煌 Tang Huang.
编剧 Screenplay by: 龚建 Gong Jian, 汤咏静 Tang Yongjing.
主演 Starring: 吴启华 Wu Qihua 胡原君 Hu Yuanjun, 陈昌旷 Chen Changkuang, 王建军 Wang Jianjun, 杨澜 Yang Lan, 徐志飞 Xu Zhifei.
题材 Genres: #犯罪 #Crime #悬疑 #suspense

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