December 4, 2023

Synopsis: The Fantasy Action Movie “Walking Dead Master 趕尸驚魂” is the first episode of a serial fantasy story. Tian Ji and Tian Die are two masters of Living Dead. Their job is taking the dead bodies from one place to another. One day, they received a dead body of a powerful master. Another wizard, Ouyang Ha hired a young warrior, Lei to steal that body to prolong his liftime and improve his skill by absorbing its soul. But instead, Ouyang’s soul was absorbed by the dead evil master at last. Lei saved Tian Ji from the evil master for love.

故事简介: 魔幻动作电影《赶尸惊魂 Walking Dead Master》讲述 苗族少女赶尸人天姬和天碟看管着一队僵尸,尸队中有一个传闻的得道大师。在赶尸的途中,黑巫师欧阳哈雇佣了侠士雷震子去偷尸,想要借尸还魂,吸取尸体的精气,延长自己的寿命和提升自己的巫术。最终,欧阳哈成功偷取邪王的尸体,完成了借尸还魂的巫术。但就在此时,邪王意外复活,反而吸取了欧阳哈的魂魄,而雷震子却爱上了少女天姬。天姬、天碟和雷震子能否击败复活的邪王呢?

Studio 出品發行: 安徽鼎兴 Ding Xing Film
Directed by 導演: 薛少 Xue Shao.
Starring 主演: 郑梦瑶 Zhengfu Mengyao, 花儿 Flower, 杨润坤 Yang Runkun, 蒋德亮 Jiang Deliang, 吴海波 Wu Haibo.
Genres 題材: #fantasy #action #动作 #魔幻 #湘西赶尸 #苗疆赶尸 #WalkingDead

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