December 10, 2023

Synopsis: The Fantasy Action Movie “Reborn Evil King 邪王重生” is the second episode of “A Girl Master of Walking Dead 赶尸惊魂” series movies. In the final battle of last episode, Tian Ji and Lei Zhenzi all died, the Evil King only preserved his 30% power and disappeared. An agent A’Ren faces Zombies in a case, Fortunately he is saved by Tian Qing, An apprentice of Tian Ji. The Evil King takes an ancient corpse which is found at a construction site to strenth his power, with the help of Rolan. Tian Qing and A‘Ren must find the lost Lei Sword and practise the skill of Two Swords Combination to defeat the Evil King…

故事简介: 魔幻动作电影 《赶尸惊魂 2 邪王重生 Walking Dead Master 2》讲述 天姬 和 雷震子 与邪王 一战,双双殒命之后,邪王也只剩三层功力,再无踪迹。警方探员阿仁在一次破案中遇到僵尸,所幸被天姬的徒弟天情所救。施工现场出土的千年古尸,成为邪王、天情和警方争夺的焦点,邪王在妖女罗兰的帮助下,夺得千年古尸,并欲借千年古尸增强功力,而天情只有找到遗失雷剑。与她继承的天剑合璧,才能阻止邪王……

Studio 出品發行: 安徽鼎兴 Ding Xing Film
Directed by 導演: 薛少 Xue Shao
Starring 主演: 刘小乔 Liu Xiaoqiao, 何佳伟 He Jiawei, 吴优 Wu You, 王娅 Wang Ya
Genres 題材: #魔幻 #fantasy #动作 #action #WalkingDead

頻道內容介紹 Introduction of Channels & Contents
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2, 圈影圈外官方電視劇頻道 Q1Q2 Chinese Drama Channel:

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4, Moxi Movie Channel 2 模晰電影頻道

5, 模晰音樂頻道 Moxi Music Channel:

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[Full Movie] 趕尸驚魂 2 Walking Dead Master | 魔幻動作電影 Fantasy Action film HD*

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