November 29, 2023

Synopsis: Fantasy Action Movie “Walking Dead Master 3 Beauty and Zombies” is about s series story. In Episode 2, when Tian Qing and A’Ren got the Thunder Sword in Gulei Village, they created the Couple Swords skill and defeated the Walking Dead King and Rolland. After many years. a Zombie God comes out and wants to rule the world. Tianqing and A’Ren will face a final battle with the Zombie God…

故事简介: 魔幻动作电影《赶尸惊魂 3 辣妹战僵尸》讲述天家二十三代传人天情受师叔临终所托,与好友阿仁来到古雷镇,寻找雷剑修双剑合璧之法,天雷地火斩杀邪王,一场大战邪王与女妖大败。本以为天下太平,谁知一女子受孕诞下一子,名为傀儡王。末世傀儡王欲统治三界,一场更大的阴谋正降临人间。

Studio 出品发行: 安徽鼎兴 Ding Xing Films
Directed by 导演: 薛少 Xue Shao
Starring 主演: 刘小乔 Liu Xiaoqiao, 何佳伟 He Jiawei
Genres 题材: 魔幻 玄幻 Fantasy, 殭屍 Zombie, 动作 Action

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