November 29, 2023

Synopsis: The action movie “Wing Chun Man 詠春俠” tells that Tian Xingjie is particularly obsessed with Chinese martial arts and vows to become a Kung Fu hero. He did not study well and entered the society before finishing junior high school. He had no education or experience, so he had to work as a waiter in a restaurant at the most basic level. Jie, who is full of martial arts dreams and fantasies, is often absent-minded, which leads to poor work performance, so he always gets reprimanded by his boss and colleagues. When he goes to the Taekwondo Hall to deliver takeout food, Jie happens to meet the beautiful Lin Weiwei. Jin Sanxiong, Weiwei’s taekwondo coach, tries to assault Weiwei on her way to work. Jie happens to be passing by and rushes to rescue Weiwei. Finally, Jie is beaten black and blue. Leaving the hospital, Jie, who always thought he was a Kung Fu expert, feels inferior after this heavy blow and insult. However, Lin Weiwei gradually begins to like Jie after this incident…

故事简介: 动作电影《咏春侠 Wing Chun Man》讲述田星杰特别痴迷中国武术,立誓成为功夫大侠。学习不好的他,初中没读完就进入了社会。没文化没阅历的他,只有从最基层的饭店服务员工作做起。充满武侠梦幻想的阿杰一心二用,导致工作做不好,总是让老板同事训斥。在一次去跆拳道馆送外卖时,阿杰巧缘的遇见了漂亮的林薇薇。薇薇的跆拳道教练金三雄,企图在薇薇下班的路上,图谋不轨,阿杰刚好路过此地,冲过去要营救薇薇,最后阿杰被打的遍体鳞伤,出院以后,一向认为自己是功夫高手的阿杰,经过这次沉重的打击和侮辱后,变得自卑,林薇薇却通过这件事儿开始慢慢的喜欢上了阿杰这傻小子……

出品 Studio: 华亿睿丰 Hua Yi Rui Feng, 伟名传媒 Wei Ming Media, 星杰影视 Xing Jie Film
导演 Director: 田星杰 Tian Xingjie
主演 Starring: 田星杰 Tian Xingjie, 赵党委 Zhao Dangwei, 肖琬 Xiao Wan
题材 Genres: 动作 Action, 剧情 Drama

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