December 8, 2023

Synopsis: Ghost Movie “Fairy Fox in an Old House 新聊斋之古宅怪谭” is about a fairy fox story. An eco-dance troupe was offered by Boss Zhang to present a show. They had to settle down in an old house where there was a fairy fox. On the other hand, two thieves came to that house to find a treasure. After a long time of discovery, they caught the fairy fox and were moved by her touching love story. Finnaly they helped the fairy fox save his husband…

故事简介:《新聊斋之古宅怪谭 Fairy Fox in an Old House》主要讲述了一个歌舞艺术团在团长的带领下赴张老板指定地点演出,途中被迫露宿古宅,与寻宝贼神偷飞猴,贾公子等人遭遇,在寻宝过程中见证了狐狸精舍命救郎君,最后众人齐心帮助狐狸精完成心愿的感人故事,百年轮回深情等待,只为两颗心的守候。

出品 Studio: 柒乐影业 Qi Le Films
制片人 Produced by: 宋品萱 Song Pinxuan
导演 Directed by: 米可 Mi Ke
编剧 Screenplay by: 米可 Mi Ke
主演 Starring: 罗畅 Luo Chang, 小宝 Xiao Bao, 祝斌杰Zhu Binjie, 李思宁 Li Sining, 颜美汐 Yan Meix.
题材 Genres: 喜剧 Comedy

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MULTISUB【新聊斋之古宅怪谭 Fairy Fox in an Old House】 狐狸精舍命救郎君 百年轮回深情等待 |古宅怪谭 Fantasy film HD*

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