December 6, 2023

Synopsis: The comedy romance movie “The Virgin Man 扒光地球人” tells that 30-year-old Zhang Kai originally led a boring and ordinary life, but fell into an unprecedented crisis because his virgin identity was inadvertently exposed. When life was in trouble, Zhang Kai met a special alien visitor Teddy. Teddy comes from a planet four solar systems away with a civilization which is very similar to the earth. Because of a wrong evolutionary experiment, the planet has only male life, the population is gradually decreasing, and it is on the verge of extinction. So Teddy was sent to the earth to experiment with women, but Teddy must be attached to a virgin before he can have sex with women. Eager to get rid of the virgin troubles, Zhang Kai agreed to cooperate with Teddy, and they began a Women-hunting Journey. Since then, all kinds of funny things have happened one after another, and all kinds of women have appeared one after another…

故事简介:喜剧爱情电影《扒光地球人 The Virgin Man》讲述30岁的张开原本过着无聊又平凡的生活,但由于他的处男身份无意中被曝光而陷入了前所未有的危机。生活亮起红灯之时,张开遇到了一个特别的外星来客泰迪。泰迪来自距地球四个太阳系空间距离的一个星球,拥有与地球极其类似的文明。因为一次错误的进化实验,导致星球只有男性生命,人口逐渐减少,濒临灭亡。于是泰迪被派到地球与女性进行结合试验,但是泰迪必须附身在处男身上才可以与女性发生关系。急于摆脱处男困扰的张开答应了与泰迪的合作,两人开始了一段“破处之旅”,自此各种搞笑的事情接连发生,各式各样的女人接连登场…..

出品 Studio: 上海有仙则名 You Xian Ze Ming Film, 北京九马影业 Nine Horses Film.
制片人 Produced by: 王艨贤 Wang Mengxian.
导演 Directed by: 贾炳奇 Jia Bingqi.
编剧 Screenplay by: 贾炳奇 Jia Bingqi.
主演 Starring: 程驰 Cheng Chi, 陈倩 Chen Qian, 汪浩然 Wang Haoran.
题材 Genres: 喜剧 Comedy, 爱情 Romance LoveStory.

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