December 10, 2023

Synopsis: The first-run adventure movie “Centipede King 變異蜈蚣王” is about Zhuo Wei, a reality TV show planner, plans a more interesting and thrilling show, as his previous ones got poor ratings. He invites his friends, Qiu Yi and Zhao Jun, as well as two female participants that are recruited online to join him. Zhuo Wei takes these four people to the Mountain Alin. On the way, Qiu Yi sees the news that an energy plant on this mountain exploded. Meanwhile, Zhuo Wei tells the group some activity parts, informing them that they are going to an abandoned resort hotel. They arrive at Mountain Alin and drive halfway up the mountain to find that the environment is heavily polluted, with an oil barrel filled with gasoline discarded. Qiu Yi guesses that the pollution of the environment is related to the recent explosion. In the darkness unnoticed by these people, a huge centipede is slowly crawling around them ……

故事简介: 首映探险电影《变异蜈蚣王 Centipede King》讲述卓伟是一个真人秀节目的策划人。但是卓伟的节目总是没有收视率。为此卓伟开始策划一场更加有趣、惊险的真人秀节目。卓伟邀请了自己的朋友邱毅、赵军。并在网上招募了两位女参与者。卓伟带着这四人来到了一座阿林山。路上,邱毅看到新闻电视里播放着阿林山一家能源厂爆炸。同时,卓伟告诉了众人节目的一些策划,告知他们要去一间废弃的度假酒。几人来到了阿林山,行至半山腰,发现环境被污染的很严重,半山腰还有装满汽油的废油桶。邱毅猜测环境的污染和最近的能源厂爆炸有关。就在几人不知道的暗处,一只巨大的蜈蚣正在他们的四周慢慢的爬动着……

出品 Studio: 麦邦影视 Maibang Film.
制片人 Produced by: 李作 Li Zuo, 董少波 Dong Shaobo.
导演 Directed by: 薛少 Xue Shao.
编剧 Screenplay by: 鲍远虎 Bao Yuanhu, 汪慧莹 Wang Huiying.
主演 Starring: 浩然 Haoran, 靳小圣 Jin Xiaosheng, 方明 Fang Ming, 马卉 Ma Hui, 李孟茹 Li Mengru.
题材 Genres: 探险 #Adventure.

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