December 6, 2023

Synopsis: The school youth movie “Tennis Girl 網球少女” is about a school girl Deng Jia who is good at study but not good at sports. One day she finds out she loves tennis very much by chance. Then she joins the tennis club and have opportunities to practice tennis with the professinal girl player Wang Xin. After months of hard practicing, She finally defeated Wang Xin and became a professional player.

故事简介: 校园青春电影《网球少女 Tennis Girl》主要讲述了一个身体素质原本并不是很好的学霸少女——邓嘉在学习网球的过程中,通过自己的汗水和韧劲一步步变强,并最终成为职业网球运动员的故事。

出品 Studio: 丝路花雨影视 Si Lu Hua Yu Film, 青岛心暖花开影视 Blooming Flowers Picture.
制片人 Produced by: 耿贺 Geng He, 冀春伟 Ji Chunwei, 刘明 Liu Ming.
导演 Directed by: 楚人勤 Chunren Qin, 孙海洋 Sun Haiyang.
编剧 Screenplay by: 孙海洋 Sun Haoyang, 耿子琪 Geng Ziqi, 郭世豪 Guo Shihao.
主演 Starring: 钱思怡 Qian Siyi 刘诗洁 Liu Shijie, 张天馨Zhang Tianxin, 陈创 Chen Chuang 赵文琪 Zhao Wenqi,
题材 Genres: 校园 School, 青春 Youth.

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