December 4, 2023

Synopsis: The Fantasy Action film “The Demon Hunter 捉妖師” Tells a story in ancient times, Madam Bone, the queen of the Evilkind, started the war to conquer the world. In order to end the war and bring peace, the God sent Warrior Yan Wu to fight against Madam Bone. At last, Warrior Yan Wu sacrificed himself and sealed Madam Bone. Millions of years later, Madame Bone broke the seal and brought about a war again. At this time, A young demon hunter, Lu Xiaoqian, was possessed by the spirit of Warrior Yan Wu and fought against Madam Bone.

故事简介: 玄幻动作电影《捉妖师 The Demon Hunter》讲述上古时期,魔族之王白骨夫人妄图统领三界发动战争,天君为了能够平息战乱,便派战神炎武在赤血崖同白骨夫人激烈一战。最终战神炎武耗尽修为,用元神将白骨夫人封印在赤血崖下。几千万年后白骨夫人冲破了封印,逃向了人间。炎武战神的元神化成了捉妖师陆小阡历经千险找到上古神印崆峒印,最终降服了白骨夫人。

出品 Studio: 陈华影视 Chenhua Film, 上海凡酷文化 Funcola Media.
制片人 Produced by: 詹发盛 Zhan Fasheng, 周雪梅 Zhou Xuemei.
导演 Directed by: 陈华 Chen Hua.
编剧 Screenplay by: 邢栋 Xing Dong.
主演 Starring: 张弟波 Zhang Dibo, 萧萧 Xiao Xiao, 张元洲 Zhang Yuanzhou, 涂玉芳 Tu Yufang.
题材 Genres: 玄幻 #Fantasy, 动作 #Action

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