December 6, 2023

Synopsis: The movie “全能天团 Almighty Team” is about a comedy story. There is a studio in the city that can help people solve problems and fulfill their wishes, such as a husband is ligated and the wife is pregnant, then how to investigate the truth? Someone wants to be the Spider Man to protect his lover as a hero. Some girls wants to marry a perfect prince…The studio is Almighty Team which formed by three handsome boys and three pretty girls. Their objective is to help you to achieve your dreams…

故事简介: 喜剧电影《全能天团 Almighty Team》被誉为青春版的《甲方乙方》。现代都市人的生活,老公结扎老婆却怀孕了,怎样调查真相?有人想一夜暴富,有人想实现当“蜘蛛侠”英雄救美的梦想,还有女孩子想嫁给高富帅又有八块腹肌王子……一切交给“全能天团”,他们是由拥有不同特长的三个帅哥和三个美女组建的点子公司,主营业务帮人约会、替人分手、刑警侦案、驱魔降妖、爱情维修、私人订制、客户公关、代做作业、替人哭坟、以及解决家长里短的邻里矛盾……

出品 Studio: 圈影圈外, 尚佐影视, 唐纹影视, 恒鼎影界.
导演 Director: 洪智育 Hong Zhiyu (中国台湾 Taiwan Chinese).
主演 Starring: 刘一静 Liu Yijing, 芮伟航 Rui Weihang, 王若菲 Wang Ruogei, 李俊墨 Li Junmo, 黄雅知 Huang Yazhi, 邵逸禹 Shao Yiyu.
题材 Genres: 喜剧 Comedy, 青春 Youth.

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